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Why you Should Hire a Project Manager for your Building Project

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Building projects are endlessly exciting: designing your dream space, planning the interior and seeing your vision come to life. In fact, so enthralling is the process that many home and business owners choose to manage the project themselves. But there is a downside: project management for construction is incredibly full on.

Construction project management doesn’t just involve popping over to site for a few minutes every now and then. The responsibilities mount up, and can prove overwhelming. That is, unless you have a professional project manager on hand.

Here are a few reasons why you should hire a project manager for your next building project.

Project management requires a huge level of input

Many people don’t realise that project management requires you to be on site every day. Balancing this with your day job, social life and family life is a huge responsibility, and the stress can take its toll. On the other hand, this is the day job of professional project managers, who can donate all of their time to managing the build.

It’s good to have distance from the build

For every day full of laughter and excitement, there will be darker days where something might not go to plan. These days can take their emotional toll, so it’s good to have some distance from your build by hiring a project manager to deal with the good and the bad.

You might not have the right temperament

Are you good at dealing with conflict? The role of project manager means you might sometimes have to deal with angry tradespeople, or be firm, yourself, to push something forward. ‘Management’ means management.

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Professional project managers come armed with trade links

Do you have the number of a plumber handy? Do you know a great electrician? Experienced project managers will come to the build armed with a list of reliable suppliers, contractors and trade links, saving you hours of research.

They also have invaluable technical knowledge

As well as knowledge about reputable traders, a construction project manager has the professional knowledge necessary to deal with technical questions from contractors and suppliers. Not only that, but they will be adept at managing not just a team, but their own tasks, balancing costing and planning with delegation. It’s a big responsibility!

You won’t have to deal with health and safety

Part of a project manager’s job is to deal with health and safety requirements. After all, the site is in their control. With a number of contractors working at height, operating heavy machinery and working around tripping hazards, prioritising health and safety is of paramount importance. Could you handle it?

Have you been thinking about managing your own project? Would you like more clarification on what the responsibility involves? We offer complete construction project management in Clitheroe, from inception to conception, so are best placed to offer invaluable advice. Feel free to give our team a call on 01200 422999!