‘The complete service from design to development’
‘The complete service from design to development’
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North West River Works

North West River Works

How Bailey Contracts NW will transform your North West river works project

When working on any major project, having an experienced, knowledgeable and reliable team behind you can make the world of difference. When the project involves major river works and construction, hiring the right partner for the job is even more important.

That’s where Bailey Contracts NW can help. Working throughout Lancashire and the North West of England, we have extensive experience managing North West river works projects and seeing them through to completion.

Noth West River WorksTailored Service

As well as years of experience and a proven track record of successful projects, we offer clients a fully tailored service when it comes to planning, initiating and completing North West river works projects.

Taking great pride in our work, we ensure that all workers and subcontractors employed on a river works project complete their work to the highest possible standard.

Offering a complete project management service from conception to completion, we keep the interests of the client and the integrity of the project at the centre of our operations throughout.

With a vast pool of specialist knowledge within the company, in most cases, jobs will be completed without the need for outside contractors, something that ensures a consistently high standard of work and affordability for all our clients.

North West River WorksTypes Of River Works

With extensive knowledge built up through years of working on North West river works projects, we are able to turn our hand to a variety of specialist projects and constructions.

From beautifully finished fish baffles like those recently completed in Rimmington, to innovative fish passes for weirs like the example recently built in Kirkstall, we can design and build a wide variety of river works and installations.

As well as fish passes, we can also construct rock groynes to help fish get past existing weirs like those recently installed at the Wolfenden Estates in Chipping. In this case, the works were successfully completed within just one week, leaving the river more fish-friendly and the landscape enhanced in a matter of days.

With a wealth of experience, a dedicated team of professionals and an impressive portfolio of successful projects, we have earned the position as the go-to company for all major and minor North West river works projects.

Offering a great service to clients at a great price, we will help you complete your next project quickly, easily and to a high standard. For more information call us today on 01200 422999 or get in touch via Twitter.